How To Scale Quickly, Dynamically, Profitably

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At FeatherBrick Consulting we take an unorthodox approach to organizational growth.

We deliver both the “hard” and the “soft” skills in one place so that they work together in harmony. We firmly believe that “one-sided consulting” is an incomplete approach to business growth, and that while it is an excellent option to hire both a financial/accounting firm as well as a team leadership/management firm to help you grow your business, that can be costly and time consuming. So why not hire both from the same place?

As a firm that has a dual-focus, why not let us come in and help you understand the current state of your organization, from the nitty-gritty accounting perspective to the team-leadership and organizational management angles as well. Simultaneously.

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Fractional CFO/Controller

The “Hard” Business Skills (The Yang)

Getting Your Books Right!

Trust us, we get it, bookkeeping and accounting stuff can be boring. It’s easy for business owners to just “smash” their books together and “make it work” for as long as possible. Which, can work. But, if you want to know exactly how your organization is performing and what is really going on, you need clean, accurate, and professional books. We can help with that.

Developing Key Metrics

Once we know that your books are where they ought to be, we start extracting key data and financial ratios for you to leverage. We don’t go overboard, we take just what you need and create a customized dashboard where you can access up-to-date financials, metrics, and benchmarks of your business so you know where you’re at, and how to get where you want to be.

Cleaning Up Shop

It’s easy to accumulate clutter. Whether it’s physical clutter in your warehouse/office, or clutter in your asset management/financial payment space, and it’s time to clean it up! We’ll help you operate only as lean as you need to, but we’ll help you operate lean. Everything that’s in your business that you don’t need, we’ll help you get rid of. This way you are operating at max-efficiency.

Multi-Year Financial Focus

Knowing where your organization is currently at is important. Knowing where you want to go is critical for success. And while sure, many companies can “shoot from the hip” from an operational standpoint, having a lack of direction and knowing where you want to go can create an incredible amount of lost time and resources. This is where we step in, and construct an amazing future for you, with you.


Transformational Leadership

The “Soft” Business Skills (The Yin)

Identify Your Current State

We all have a past, and we all live in the present, but what most people don’t realize is that many, if not most of us, are living in the past today. This is what we help you identify in your firm. Where you are now, and ensuring that you separate the past from your future. Because it’s impossible to create a new future when you’re constantly living in the past.

Establish a Team Baseline

Now that you’re up to speed with where you’re at, it’s time to re-establish the team baseline that you’ve never had. Whether or not you’ve formally created a set guide of company conduct, now is the best time to do it again. Because whether you have, or you haven’t, set a team company culture there is one there, and we need to make sure it’s the one you want moving forward.

Set Goals and Milestone

You know where you’re at, you know the boundaries of your organization, now we need to set those markers out into the future so we know where to aim moving forward. Where do you want to be in 2 years? Five years? What does your company look like, what’s your vision? We work with you to help you take aim, and be sure to set you up to move forward powerfully and with a clear and profitable direction.

Manifesting Your Reality

At this point, we’ve done it all. We’ve re-organized your books, set key financials for you to leverage, created a more lean environment for you, set key financial and team goals, understand the current state of your company and where you want to take it, and have set future aim-points to keep you locked into your destiny. Now, you just have to declare it to make it a reality.


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