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What Readers Are Saying

Filled with actionable knowledge and insight

“This book is a wonderful resource for anyone feeling stuck, directionless, or seeking motivation or inspiration. The book is broken down into 30 easily digestible lessons covering a broad range of topics that will challenge, motivate and inspire you to be your best self. The author writes with humility and incorporates examples drawn from his education and life experience. I found the book easy to read and highly relatable, and I was impressed by the breadth of topics covered in 200 pages. Recommended”

Simon Ree – Founder, The Tao of Trading

The cliffnotes for extraordinary leadership!

“Chris has produced a field manual for leaders in the C Suite, on the sales floor, and in the field. His insights, stories, and time-tested success formulas will be as valuable 100 years from now as they are today. There are numerous books on leadership, yet more are not directed toward entrepreneurs who desperately need the insights Chris has provided. I found Founder’s Footing incredibly valuable and strongly recommend you invest in several copies for yourself and other leaders on your team!”

Tim Shurr – Master Mind Coach

Easy read; informative and inspiring!

“This book is a fast and easy read. The author is to the point! I love how there are questions for the reader at the end of each chapter, and that there are exercises to implement each suggestion/lesson. One of my favs that I learned is to never say you’re too busy. Say you’re scheduled to emphasize that your time is valuable and organized!

I highly recommend this book to improve or learn new techniques for your business and relationships; whether present or future!!”

Shannon R Smith – Wine Consultant & Scrum Master

Provides great tips that will lead just about anyone to a successful life

Great read. It flows well and there were many things that resonated with me as I read this. I believe Chris is spot on when he writes that entrepreneurs need to “be present.” That way of thinking allows us all to seize the moment. Another tip Chris gives which hits home for me is having an abundance mindset.

I could keep going but I’ll keep it simple and end the author simply hits on many concepts that apply to not only entrepreneurs, but to anyone seeking a successful life.

Natalie Reda – Teacher

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